Our Entities & Production Capacity

Globally recognized as a quality manufacturer of Xanthate and Dithiophosphate for the mining industry, we offer primary products and specialty chemicals to create customized solutions for the global mining market.

Prospec Chemicals

Alberta, Canada

  • 8,000 MT of Xanthates
  • 1,000 MT of Dithiophosphates
  • 1,000 MT of Thionocarbamates
  • 1,000 MT of Xanthogen Formates
  • 4,000 MT of Specialty Collectors

Prospec has expanded to offer manufacturing opportunities for different industries.  Our new derivative plant will be capable of providing manufacturing options for industrial products. Examples of potential industries include water treatment, oil and gas, and other industrial applications.

CTC Mining

Texas, USA

  • 3,000 Mt of Specialty Collectors

Our capabilities extend into the United States with the ability to produce 3000 MT of specialty collectors. The location adds to our service capability to our customers. The primary chemistries would include any of our proprietary specialty blends.

TC China

Weifang Binhai, China

  • 24,000 MT of Xanthates
  • 6,000 MT of Dithiophosphates
  • 4,000 MT of Thionocarbamates and Xanthogen
  • Formates

A premier mining chemical manufacturer, TC China remains attentive to new manufacturing innovation. TC China fully automates three phases of xanthate production and dithiophosphate production. We continue to explore new manufacturing technologies to promote production efficiency and product stewardship. TC China routinely reviews its environmental impact.  Our facility successfully passes audits and actively looks for solutions limiting our emissions.

R&D Lab

Andhra Pradesh, India

For over 85 years, many specialty flotation chemicals for Sulphide Mineral Processing were being developed at our Innovation Labs in Canada & India.

Our R&D Lab in India is located in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh for the purpose of creating business and answering customers’ needs. The lab in India focused on detailed lab scale flotation test work on the ore types collected from our different customers in Asia Pacific and Africa. New product formulation and finalizing the product application areas are also other important avenues of operation.

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