Raising the Standards of Performance and Sustainability through Chemical Innovation.

CTC Vision and Commitment


Better chemistry for our customers and the environment.


Our facility remains attentive to new manufacturing innovation. TC China fully automates three phases of xanthate production and dithiophosphate production. We continue to explore innovative manufacturing technologies to promote production efficiency and product stewardship.


We strive to grow our business while reducing our environmental footprint and having a positive impact on climate protection. Our team is dedicated to optimise daily operations and remains committed on continously exploring new ways to deliver more sustainable solution.


Dedicated to the safety of people and the environment.

As a company, we share the heritage that brought on the birth of the chemical industry in the 18th century. Since then, the world has come to realize the industrial impact on our planet. Today, CTC is dedicated to the safety of people and the environment, both at our manufacturing site and for the customers we serve.

Our mission is to invest in people and assets for sustainable growth and to uphold the principles of responsible chemical management. We are committed to constantly improving our chemistry and physical process towards lower emissions. On the distribution level, we offer renewable and sustainable options to our customers whenever possible. To serve the increasing market demand for “green” products, we promote reducing the carbon impact of new ingredients as well as making a positive impact on biodiversity both up and downstream of the value chain.

As a founding member of the Responsible Distribution® Canada (RDC), CTC is dedicated to regulatory excellence, environmental accountability, and adherence to the responsible distribution code of practice. We follow rigorous regulatory practices and QA to protect the suppliers and customers.


Diverse and inclusive community of highly skilled chemical professionals.

Since 1932, our privately owned company focuses on what is at the heart of its business: people.

We, at CTC, are well aware that much of our value lies in the long-lasting partnerships we have developped. With trusted suppliers and customers accross the globe, but also internally, with our employees.

Following the Canadian value of inclusion and respect for diversity at home and abroad, CTC is proud to be a diverse and inclusive workforce. We strongly believe in equal opportunities for all, encourage inclusivity and oppose discrimination in all aspects of our business. We support STEM education for all and promote equal opportunity to pursue  - and thrive in - STEM careers.

As a company, CTC is committed to creating an environment where business is conducted as a genuine partnership and where integrity and growth are paramount in our thinking.
In engagement with our values, we adhere to and implement ethical labour practices as well as internationally recognized human rights standards in our organization.

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