CTC Distribution

Charles Tennant & Company (Canada) Ltd. is a division of the UK based Tennants Consolidated Limited group of companies.

Established in 1932, Charles Tennant & Company has been distributing specialty chemicals across Canada demonstrating our experience in the marketplace.

Our focus markets in Canada includes Personal Care, Pharmaceutical, Industrial & Institutional and Food.

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CTC Mining

CTC mining is a proud global manufacturer and distributor of mining chemicals.

We are a manufacturer of Xanthates, Dithiophosphates, Thionocarbamates, Formates and other Special Chemicals.

As an organization, we believe in maintaining the highest standards for Health and Safety and Environmental Stewardship.

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TC USA is a wholly owned subsidiary of Charles Tennant & Co. (Canada) Ltd. which brings unique ingredient and technology companies to the global Personal Care market.

We offer a novel approach to product development and innovative product solutions and we are dedicated to servicing the ever growing natural and naturally derived Personal Care markets from our Essa Technologies, TCL Innovations and Zenitech platforms.

TC USA offers natural based feel modifiers from Essa Technologies, specialty surfactants and cleansing systems from TCL Innovations and a series of patented film formers, moisturizers, conditioners and glossing agents from Zenitech.

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Paradigm Science

Paradigm Science is a leading provider of unique and natural products for the creative chemist.

We have been a manufacturer and supplier of specialty ingredients for the Cosmetic and Personal Care Industries worldwide since 2003.

Our range of eco-friendly, non-animal derived products have been carefully selected based on performance, environmental sustainability and value.

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TC China

TC China is a mining chemical manufacturing facility engaged in the production and sales of xanthates, dithiophosphates and other specialty mining reagents to the global market.

Established in 2006 as a joint venture between Qingdao Jiahua Fine Chemicals Co. Ltd. and Charles Tennant & Company (Canada) Ltd., both organizations bring their combined experience to their mining customers.

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